I'm working on a jacket for a book by an Iranian author which takes place in Tehran, and concerns Iranian culture and mores, so I thought I'd do a little method-acting and read me up some Iranian online newspapers. THE IRAN DAILY seems to be the state-sponsored bureau, (sorta like our Fox news!) and sadly, it seems to consist of mostly martyrdoms (like my job, life) and so I flipped to the Arts and Culture section, imagining that here, at least, we'd find some of that non-politicized, non-theocratized Iranian joie-de-vivre we've come to know and love. There was a single major headline: "KORAN EXHIBIT WELL-RECEIVED!" (the exclamation-point is mine; people get stoned over there for that kind of punctuation). More uplifting though was this post on Iranian.com, which seems more of an expatriate rag: ebtekar
Ebtekar is SOO getting fatwa'ed.(I'm particularly partial to the Mary Tyler Moore Ahmadinejad, not that you asked...)

The fine people at Iranian.com also boast (and you really can't make this sh*t up) Ayatollah ring-tones. So get em while the gettin's good!

Long story short- the experience of cultural immersion has depressed me- and so it's back to the "find a font that's vaguely Persian" school of Orientalist jacket design.