"I have liked remembering almost as much as I have liked living."

The incomparable William Maxwell. What a writer; what a mensch. I met him years ago, when I worked at Books & Co. He was classy, and kind (and doesn't this classiness and kindness come through in the prose?)

At lunch today, I learned, from designer Barbara DeWilde, that years ago, she had commissioned Jonathan Hoefler to design a typeface for Mr. Maxwell, for use in, and on, all of his books: "William Maxwell Roman." It made its first appearance on Maxwell's ALL THE DAYS AND NIGHTS. His very own face! How old-school is that? That a designer would even care enough to do such a thing! That a publisher would let her!

That the economy should be so flush!

And here it is!

Evidently, there was another prestigious Knopf author at that time (not naming names) who was deeply jealous that a typeface wasn't commissioned in his honor. Well sir, not everyone can be William Maxwell, can they?