My dear Dad passed away nineteen years ago this January. He left me many important gifts- both of the metaphysical and actual variety... Most valuable to me personally, of all of these, is Dad's own artwork- the collages, sculptures, paintings he made. My father died long, long before I started on the path of the visual arts- and I often wonder what he would make of my becoming a designer. I also wonder what he would make of the profession itself (I don't think, in general, he was much of a fan of applied, or commercial work. I imagine he would have thought it lacked moral seriousness- and he would have been right I suppose). Nevertheless, from time to time I'll stumble upon something of Dad's that runs strangely parallel to something I have been working on, or thinking about. My fascination with Le Corbusier began only recently- but I have long known that my father was a massive fan. (If he only knew what most of us only recently discovered thanks to Nicholas Fox Weber; that Corbu was a Vichy collaborator; Dad's fan-dom would definitely have been attenuated, if not downright killed). In any case, among the artifacts that were scattered about my childhood home were things concerned with the Le Corbusier ouevre- books, schema, posters, and, it turns out, in one particular instance... a bona fide Le Corbusier's itself. Here it is (above)- it now hangs on my livingroom wall. I imagine this particular item might have an actual pecuniary value- not that I'm selling. Something of greater interest to me is this sketch my father made on his honeymoon. He was very young- a kid really- his first time in Europe. And he found these pillars- "pilotis" from the Unité D'habitation in Marseille of enough interest to render them in his sketchbook. The pillars are Corbu's. But the sketch is 100 percent Dad. (apologies for me and my iphone)