Wuxtry, wuxtry...this just in:

from novelist Katharine Weber

1) "When I wrote a profile of Paul Rand in about 1985, I learned that he had changed his name from Paul Rosenbaum and when I asked him why, he said he liked the four letters of Rand, that it was an entirely aesthetic decision and improvement. Also, not so Jewish sounding, I asked? He grinned...."

Holy schmegeggies! I had no idea. His original name, it turns out, was Peretz Rosenbaum.

Also, from the same source...

2) Jack Mech is the blog 'o the week
over at

What is to be gleaned from these seemingly disparate facts?

That there is promise in this newly minted nom de guerre of mine. In other words: look out world, here comes "Chuck Mendy!"

(No, not really)