Single letters, unannounced and unaccompanied, have been showing up like wayward orphans at my door of late. First came this "P," which appeared, enigmatically, in my bedroom. And when I transferred it to my office door, it picked up a companion- a blue underdot just as mysteriously. This small addition effected the creation of the neatest logotype imaginable This logotype, which I never would have been able to concoct on my own, combines my first initial with both a question mark and an exclamation point, and that seems just about right.

Then along came "X."

First, the whole
Salomon Kalou kerfuffle. The Ivorian Chelsea striker celebrated a goal at Middlesborough by crossing his arms into an "X" sign, thereby expressing his feelings about such disparate causes as: the plight of his compatriot the embattled writer Antoine Assalé Tiémoko; the closing of Guantanamo Bay(Camp "X-ray"); support for a variety of prisoners, political and otherwise, (the crossed hands equalling cuffs); and/or his love (as Russell Brand would have it) of Trebors X-tra Strong Mints...

This was followed by the
Blackwater rebranding itself as Xe, though the "e" seems unimportant and afterthought-like. (This "Xe," in typical, elliptical Blackwater fashion, should evidently be pronounced "Zee." So, why not "Z" you ask? Why the war in Iraq, why George W. Bush ("W!") why covert renditions...why indeed.)


"X's" abound in a wonderful book just sent to me by Princeton Architectural Press:


in which the author tells us (in a truly virtuoso essay)
everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about the letter/symbol "X," including the fact that it stands for both
everything and nothing, a point that harmonizes nicely with what I had already learned during Salomon Kalou's ill-advised goal celebration. You can buy it here if so inclined (and you should be!).

(and while we're on the topic of letters and goal celebrations... remember Larry Johnson's "L" gesture during his four-point play against the Pacers in '99? I do.)

ANYHOO... on to "E..."

and check out this bad boy that showed up in my mail this afternoon courtesy of one Mr. Jason Fulford:

Indeed my mind HAS been blown, as I read Plutarch, and delved deep into the hieratic nature of the "E." Suffice it to say that this "E" is as semantically, philosophically, symbolically rich as any letter can claim to be. I'll never look at the fifth letter of the alphabet the same way again. So thanks for that Jason. And for the rest of you, if you don't mind reading sentences such as "
The dragonessa's sidekick was Hera's spite-child, the monstrous Typhoeus" then you can read this piece on the "E" at Delphi.

P's out.