Breuer's Kepes House

Maybe you recall last summer's vacation blog post from the
Chermayeff house? Well the same friends who were staying chez Chermayeff, have, this year, been inhabiting the house Marcel Breuer built for Gyorgy Kepes. This is a feat of summer house one-ups-manship that can only end with them, next year, renting Le Corbusier's Cabanon. Who knew the Bauhaus were such a presence in Cape Cod? "Not I" (he types while buying lobster rolls at the Gropius Clam Shack).

In any case- their summer houses are my gain. Many first editions inside, and me, with only my crappy camera phone:

Designed by Paul Rand, for whom Breuer also designed a cape house (though evidently, according to my hosts, there was friction betwixt architect and designer- surprise surprise). This Eliade reminded me of this other Rand jacket:

And this one, by Kepes himself:

And this one here:

which if I flatter myself reminds me of something I once did for Herbert Muschamps- though mine is exactly one gazillion times worse. Glad I hadn't seen it earlier or I would've sulked. Just like I'm sulking now.

A spot of Matisse?

And this here, which is so much lovelier in person than in this photo (designer unknown):

And an inscription to Kepes from Jonas Salk

"Dear Gyorgy, design is all well and good, but, as you may know, I CURED POLIO BITCHES!"

Only kidding:

and another remnant of the original owner:

and I leave you with this:

A copy-less flap. This is just how I feel on vacation: like a copy-less flap.

See you all in a bit,