"... Designers have their own private agendas, ambitions, anxieties, compulsions, and references that they attempt to implement. Those agendas may mesh with the content at hand ... or may be grafted onto content and live on parasitically. Personal Vision is the designer's value-added; it's an indexical presence ... so resilient it can survive in any context ... "

From the introduction to the new 2x4 catalog.

As a side-note, I just discovered, in an obvious manner, that sells actual two-by-fours.



This old ND cover is so cool it makes me wanna puke. Found by AJRMS.

BTW- when people ask me why I don't post more often, why my commitment to blogging is less than fervent, my answer is partially- due to blogs like A Journey Round My Skull, which is so thoroughly entertaining, that frankly, I'd rather be reading it than posting myself.


Too young

Nick Dewar has passed away at 37. So sad.