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Mario Hugo? Right? Amazing designer. Man oh MAN.

Jonathan Zawada? Anybody? Damn.

Triboro? Well, OBVIOUSLY.

Carin Goldberg? Personal hero of mine.

Ilovedust? Duh.

Abby Clawson Low? Amen.


SHOE? Heads of STATE?


David flippin' PEARSON?


Yomar Augusto?!?? Meesters, Barcelona, Troxler, Staehle, Schuurman, Letman...HOLY CHRIST!!!

I'm having a moment here. I need air.


Now, why, you may be asking yourselves, am I having this design-inspired cardiac episode? Funny you should ask...

My good pal Cardon Webb and I are curating a poster show and auction at the Type Director's Club, to benefit their scholarship fund.

We are calling the show:


and I beg you all to:

go to the show, hear the speeches, and most importantly, OPEN YOUR WALLETS AND BID ON THIS WORLD-HISTORICALLY GREAT WORK BY FIRMAMENT-DWELLING SUPER-BEINGS in order to benefit the TDC.

And just to wet your collective whistle:

Go. Now. And spend freely. It's for a great cause.