Mendel in the Mittel

The News from Central Europe:

Poland: I am judging a Polish book design competition hosted by none other than image-master Will Schofield of 50Watts (formerly Journey Round My Skull).

This should be really fun. "Design the Polish edition of your favorite book." And why wouldn't you? The more I see of Polish book covers, the more I think every book I work on or read should look like one. And the prizes are awesome. Also participating, the editors of the incredible book 1000 Polish Book Covers which is a must have for serious book designers. If you can't afford to buy it: try to win it.

Czech Republic: An interview I participated in, touching on Czech literature and design. (NB I've been trying to find convenient ways to insinuate my guinea pig Dwayne into various interviews and this is the first time I've been wholly successful (thanks to Ludvik Vaculik). Have a look:

Hungary: An article on yours truly in which, well, um, in which, er, the uh...well I have no idea what it says. But I defy you to find an article on book design containing more diacritical marks per square inch.

Thanks to Akos Polgardi, Michael Stein, and "Wieslaw" Shofield for asking me to take part in their fine projects.