Egregiously late to the party, as ever, but:

Well, not exactly no one, but few people anyway.

Case in point: Did you know that the son of G.E. Moore (my favorite of the Cantabrigian analytic philosophers**) was a poet? Did you know that he, Nicholas Moore, pseudonymously published translations of Baudelaire's Spleen? Oh SURE you did. I for one, did not.

There are many fun obscurities here*

Some writers are better known than others. Clarice Lispector, for instance,  ("resurrected" by New Directions; actually, the fantastic Ben Moser already "resurrected" her thank you very much) is having some volumes re-released- here designed by the amazing Paul Sahre:

Interestingly, I've been talking about designing a series in which all the covers, collectively comprise a single head, for years- and now, in a single year, two such series have appeared (Cardon's Oliver Sacks's and Paul's Lispectors) it just goes to show that there is, indeed, a collective design unconscious. (unless, of course, Cardon and Paul have been reading my dream journals which i wouldn't put past either of them).

I love the design of this New Directions series, with its restrained palette, beyond measure. My jealousy makes me want to kill Paul Sahre, burn his crops, and sow the earth with salt. But I mean that in a good way. Hi Paul!

* the blog in question is brought to you by, among others, 50 Watts
** Who else are you going to warm to? Wittgenstein? Russell? Please.